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Parent Corner

Here is a quick look at Week 31: 


What are we learning this week?

Language Arts- letter "X," sight words- "she" and "he," -ap word family

Math- subtraction

Character- review all traits

Science- plants


How can I support my child this week?

  • Read, read, read to your children and let them read their sight word books to you! 
  • Help your children retell books.  
  • Practice saying the long and short letter sounds.  
  • Find sight words in books.  
  • Look for words that begin with the letter of the week as you run errands or even play around the house.  You can play "I Spy."
  • Click here to see some fun sidewalk chalk activities.  
  • Practice writing the letter of the week.  Write it in shaving cream, make it with playdo or sidewalk chalk.
  • Listen to youtube songs on letters we have covered.  
  • Practice counting everywhere! 

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